Business Process Improvement

This service is relevant for your enterprise or organization if:

    - You aim at improving  the quality of your services and/or the product, though it is not improving in line with your plan.

    - You are planning to transform the internal  business  processin your enterprise or organization in order to perform more job with the same resources (reserves).

    - Ways and means of the operational analysis you are using nowadays do not impart enough information for your senior management to handle challenging situations.


    - Analysis.

    - Discussion on the analysis results and the initiatives (improvements) to be taken.

    - Selection and layout of the most profitable business development project.

    - Business development project implementation consultancy.

Professional management consultant will cooperate with you:

    - He is aware of the newest IT technologies and holds a certificate of standing reputation – MCT - Microsoft Certified  Trainer

    - He is highly experienced in multi-sector project management, such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning System), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), document control, business management systems, and consultancy.

    - He or she is proficient in the business process development (more than a hundred of improvements on the basis of IT-applications).

    - He or she participates in the activities of both Lithuanian business consultants’ association and Lithuanian association of project management.