Outsource of project managers

You will benefit from our professional project manager if:

    - Your business process objectives are either hard to be achieved, or parties concerned with the project realize its issues in different ways.

    - It is essential to balance the conflicting components such as:

  • Project implementation in proper time;
  • Application of the sources envisaged by the plan only;
  • Guarantee of the quality required;
  • Implementation within the budget.

    - It is essential to evaluate and reduce risks from unexpectedly arisen barriers;

    - You hope to learn the better business process implementation in close cooperation with a professional project manager;

    - These days you are shortige of professional project managers for your business projects in Lithuania.

We are ready to provide you with a professional project manager in Lithuania: 

    - He is aware of the newest techniques in project management and holds a certificate of standing reputation – PMP (Project Management Professional).

    - He is fully aware of specific work peculiarities in Lithuania.

    - He is highly experienced in multi-sector project management, such as information technologies, construction, equipment installation, consultancy.

    - He is highly-skilled in using the best available software support for project management, such as MS Project or Primavera.

    - He participates in the activities of both Lithuanian business consultants’ association and Lithuanian association of project management.